My name is Cindy Jenerette Sellers. I am a Native of the low country, been here all my life.  Raised in Horry County, I am a mother of two wonderful boys making their transition into fine young men.

In 2010, I gave one of my kidneys to my best friend, life teacher, and father to my children. A year later we lost him to cancer. I found myself struggling with the painful loss of him. I found myself walking the beach daily in quiet meditation picking up broken shells that caught my eye recognizing such beauty they possessed. Often thinking how I could create something out of these beautiful broken pieces.

After many attempts over three years, I taught myself how to make the jewelry, I now sell in memory of my ex-husband Jerry Sellers. Driven by a passion to take a negative and turn it into a positive, I seek to educate the public of the difference one human can make in another’s life by simply giving of them self. The blessings flow as a result of the rewards for the receptions and the donor. 

I often say to my patients and customers purchasing my art with shells, I mended my broken heart by taking broken shells and making them whole again with embellishing on the beauty they possess.

I am proud to say some of my art is in a local art Gallery in Murrells Inlet. My passion has enabled me to make a variety of art made of shells. To mention a few: Custom Oyster Shell Chandelier’s, mirrors of all assortment, picture frames, shell trees, stars, ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, fire place screens and of course handmade jewelry.

More importantly the Owner of Drunken Jacks in Murrells Inlet whom is Al Hitchcock, he has allowed me to display and sell my Art on the property of Drunken Jacks along the Inlet Marsh Walk. I will be forever grateful for his kindness and generosity in helping me with my dream and passion.

As a Registered Nurse and Living Organ Donor, I have made it my mission to raise awareness for “Living organ donation.”  If I can make a difference in one human beings life I will consider myself successful in my efforts in raising awareness for Living Organ Donation. My motto is while I am on this earth I want to have known I made my life count in making a difference during my journey in this life.