The name "Shug" is a name I acquired years ago that has stuck and become my nickname. The inspiration that sparked the business of "Shug's by the Inlet " needed an avenue to pursue my passion in raising awareness for living organ donation. You see I have personal experience. Jerry Sellers was the special receipt of my kidney. He was my best friend and did mention my ex-husband. Yes you heard right, my ex-husband. 

My sons and myself lost him less than a year after the kidney transplant. No it wasn't because he didn't receive the perfect kidney, I always say when sharing our story with tremendous pride. The truth is he was taken by cancer. I feel it is my life mission to inform all the difference we can make in another humans life in the simple act of giving of ourselves. I believe that one's karma can be changed forever if willing to extend apart of ourselves. Henceforth, Shug's by the inlet was created.

Shug's is a non-profit corporation used to educate the public on " Living Organ Donation"

Using the beauty of seashells & turquoise stones from Arizona and New Mexico creating one of a kind pieces, all used in funding our passion for saving life's.